Our Menu


6.00am – 11.15am

Cocowhip Breakfast Bowl (V,GF,DF)
Creamy cocowhip topped with veganola, cacao nibs, seasonal fruits & berry sauce
Acai Bowl (V,GF,DF)
100% organic acai (not blended with cheaper fruits) w, seasonal fruits, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut & honey (add cocowhip $4)
Muesli jar (GF,DF)
Veganola muesli,fresh fruit & acai mixed in a jar with a chia gel,coconut yoghurt & apple & Rhubarb Compote
Toast (GFO)
Sourdough/multigrain sourdough/white/ciabatta
GF bread add)
(add jam, Vegemite, peanut butter or honey)

Fruit Loaf (VO)
2 Slices of spiced fruit loaf w,lemon cream cheese & local honey
with Jam
Ham & Cheese
The Beach Jaffle (GFO)
The one that started it all, classic house made savoury mince & cheddar cheese
Roller Jaffle (GFO)
The one that started it all, classic housemade savoury
mince & cheddar cheese
Breakfast Burger
Crumbed field Mushroom, rocket, halloumi & a hashbrown
on a milk bun with a basil pesto & tomato relish
Eggs On Toast (GFO)
Toasted sourdough toast w 2 free range eggs (poached,
fried or scrambled)
Eggs Benedict (GFO) (VGO)
2 free range poached eggs on fresh spinach, toasted
ciabatta bread with a house made hollandaise sauce, with
your choice of ham, mushroom or bacon,
(or add smoked salmon and capers $2)
Apple Cinnamon Crumble Pancakes
Fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with an apple & cider
compote, cream, candied macadamia crumble, finished
with a vanilla anglaise and cream
Housemade vanilla waffles topped with a peanut butter &
marshmallow cookie dough cream, an ammeretto choc
sauce and fresh strawberries
Chilli bacon and dill fritters made on a choux pastry, served
with capsicum jam, rocket and parmesan salad
Adrians Breakfast (GFO)
Sausage, housemade black & white beans,fried egg,
haloumi, rocket and Turkish bread (add bacon $4.5)
Smashed Avocado (GFO, VO)
Smashed local avo, fresh dill, shallot & lemon cottage
cheese on toasted multigrain sourdough topped with
cherry tomatoes and toasted pepitas
Brisket Breakfast wrap
Smokey bacon, pulled beef brisket, free range
scrambled egg, bbq sauce, fresh spinach & a hash brown
in a toasted tortilla w a chipotle sauce on the side
Quinoa Nasi Goreng (VO)
Stir fried broccolini, kale, chilli & garlic with quinoa, spring
onion, fried shallots served with a lemongrass soy & a free
range fried egg

Breakfast Junior Meals

(with seasonal fruits)
Toasted White Bread
With jam, peanut butter or vegemite
With scrambled eggs
With Bacon
with scrambled eggs & bacon
Vanilla Pancakes
(with maple syrup & ice Cream)

Breakfast Extras

(Extras to be added to a main meal only)

Free range Egg / Hash Brown$3
Smoked Salmon / 2 Rashers Bacon$4.5
House Beans / smashed Avo / Mushrooms$5
Halloumi / Sausage$5

In order to keep our wait time to a minimum we encourage you not to make changes to these classics
Please advise if you do have any food allergies

  • GF = Gluten Free
  • GFO = Gluten Free option
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • V = Vegan
  • VO = Vegan Option
  • VG = Vegetarian


(11.30am – 2.30pm)

Bacon, lettuce & tomato on a toasted Turkish roll w a seeded mustard aioli, bbq sauce & beer battered chips
Vegetarian Kofta Wrap (VG, VO)
Housemade sweet potato, chickpea & zucchini spiced koftas w seasonal salad, beetroot relish, parmesan, sweet chilli & aioli in a toasted tortilla wrap (also available as a salad)
Brisket Burger (GFO)
Slow cooked brisket with red cheddar slaw and onion rings finished with our special housemade bacon jam on a milk bun, served with beer battered chips
Salt & Pepper Calamari Salad (GF)
Calamari tossed in a salad of Asian slaw, pickled onion, cucumber, tomato and a spicy nam jim sauce w tartare on the side
Quinoa Nasi Goreng (GF, DF, VO)
Stir fried broccolini, kale, chilli & garlic w quoinoa, spring onion, fried shallots served w a lemongrass soy & a free range fried egg (add grilled chicken or fish $7)
Twice Cooked Hoisin Pork Belly Salad(GFO)
Yummy bite sized pieces of crispy hoisin pork belly, lychee, mint, cucumber, chilli & pickled ginger salad finished w crispy rice noodles & sesame seeds.
Jerk Chicken Baguette
Chicken marinated in habanero mix, spinach, avocado and pineapple salsa with capsicum jam
Coffee Cat Loaded Brisket Nachos (GF, VGO, VO)
Baked nachos w slow cooked beef brisket, bacon, baby spinach & melted cheese topped w guacamole, sweet chilli, sour cream & capsicum jam
Fish Tacos (GFO)
3 small tortillas with grilled reef fish, slaw, avocado &
pineapple salsa
Fish Of The Day Ask our friendly staff what the fish of the day
That’s A Wrap (VO)
Tasty fresh tortilla wrap loaded w fresh salad and cheese (add ham, chicken or salmon & capers $5)
Soft Shell Crab Burger
Tempura soft shell crab on a steamed milk bun with an asian salad, wasabi aioli and palm sugar dressing, served with chips
Roast Veg Salad (GFO,VO)
Roast beetroot, pumpkin and heirloom carrots tossed through a spinach, halloumi and quinoa dressed with a pumpkin hommus finished with a crispy prosciutto crumb
Ricotta Gnocchi
Slow cooked brisket stirred through a smokey onion,
tarragon and napoli sauce topped with a ricotta gnocchi and parmesan
Crumbed Chicken Caeser Wrap
Lettuce, parmesan, bacon, crumbed chicken, egg and a
housemade Caesar dressing
Beer Battered Chips (wth Aioli) (GFO)
Sweet Potato Chips (GF)
Served with sweet chilli sauce

Lunch Junior Meals

(12 years & under only) includes a popper
Calamari, Chips & salad
Battered fish, chips & salad
Mini schnitzel chicken burger w cheese & tomato sauce
Hawaiian Pizza
Ham & Cheese sandwich fresh or toasted


Free range Fried egg$3
Smoked Salmon / 2 rashers bacon$4.5
Halloumi / Smashed Avo$5
Grilled Fish / Chicken$7
Calamari rings (each)$1.5
Gluten free bun$2.5
  • GF = Gluten Free
  • GFO = Gluten Free option
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • V = Vegan
  • VO = Vegan Option
  • VG = Vegetarian

Happy Hour

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (3.30PM – 5.30PM)

Beer Battered Chips$9.9
Moroccan Season Wedges
served with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
Sticky wings, served with asian style sauce
Slow cooked brisket, bacon, baby spinach, topped with melted cheese, guacamole, sweet chilli, sour cream and capsicum jam


Beer on Tap Schooner$5
House Red Shiraz or White Sav Blanc
Corona Buckets
4 corona beers


Mango Daiquiri
white rum, lime juice and mango
The Ranga Jerry
sailor jerry spiced rum, fresh lime and ginger beer
Fruit Tingle
vodka, blue curacao, lemonade and raspberry
Chocolate Martini
vodka, crème de cacao and chocolate

Happy Hour Specials

Friend Friday
Share board of corn chips, charred baguette, feta,
proscuitto & dips
Sunset Saturdays
Sticky Wings
Taco Sunday
Chicken, fish or veg

Dinner (5.30 -8.30)


Parmesan Olives (VG)
Parmesan crumbed olives w a roast garlic aioli
Honey Halloumi (GF, DF, VG)
Skewers of halloumi fried & glazed w honey and herbs
Fish Tacos
2 mini tacos, grilled fish, avo, pineapple slaw
Ribs Tasting Plate (GF)
Smokey BBQ ribs
Spiced Kofta Crouqets (GF, VG)
Sweet potato, chick pea, zucchini & spices
Pizza Bread
Garlic thyme & cheese, or Pesto,
Sundried tomato & feta


Risotto (GF, VG)
Mushroom risotto, with fetta, peas, pinenut and sage
Chicken Parmigiana (GFO)
Classic parmy with lemon zest crumb, napoli sauce, ham & cheese served with beer battered chips & salad
Beef Sliders (GFO)
3 braised beef sliders w onion rings, dill gherkins a
mustard cream and cheese. Served with chips
Ribs (GF)
Half Rack
Full Rack
Slow cooked smokey bbq pork ribs, with asian slaw
Quinoa Nasi Goreng (GF, DF, VG)
Stir fried broccolini, kale, chilli & garlic w Quinoa, spring onion, fried shallots w a lemongrass soy sauce and Free
Range Egg
(add free range grilled chicken) $7
Salt & Pepper Calamari Salad
Calamari tossed in a salad of Asian slaw, pickled onion, cucumber, tomato and a spicy nam jim sauce w tartare on the side
Soft Shell Crab Burger
Tempura soft shell crab on a steamed milk bun with an asian salad, wasabi aioli and palm sugar dressing, served with chips

Dinner Junior Meals

8oz cup12oz mug
Espressosingle $ 3double $3.5
Macchiato (short or long?)$4
Long black$4$4
Flat white$4$4.8
(Swiss water washed decaf available (non chemical washed)
Chai Latte
(organic chai spiced powder)
Honey Chai Latte
(Sticky honey, chai leaves & spices)
Hot chocolate
White hot chocolate$4$4.8
Hot milo$4$4.8
Baby Chino4oz $2
Bullet Coffee
(Long black w a shot of coconut oil)
Organic Latte powders
(Matcha, turmeric, cacao or Beetroot)
glass $4$4.8
Pots of Tea for 1 – tea by Tea Emporium
English Breakfast, Mr Earl Grey, Green, Chai, Jasmine Green,
Peppermint, Immuni tea
Alternative milks by Milk Lab
Lactose free.50c
Macadamia milk by Milkadamia$1
Vanilla, caramel or hazelnut shots.50c
Extra shot of Coffee.50c


(12 years & under only)
Calamari chips & salad
Mini Burger & chips
Hawaiian Pizza
Mini risotto
(All dinner junior meals come with icecream & topping)

All sauces made inhouse with real ingredients, locally sourced & free range & organic where we can.

Coffees,Teas & Hot Drinks

Warm Vegan choc brownie with ice cream, choc sauce, strawberries and choc flakes
Seasonal sorbet, fresh fruit, coulis, candied walnut
Vanilla icecream with a shot of coffee & topped with

Cold Coffee Drinks

Cold Drip(made in house) (add milk $1)4
Iced Long Black
Ice, water and a dbl shot of coffee",
Iced Latte
Ice, milk and a dbl shot of coffee",
Iced Choc
Ice, milk , icecream & chocolate syrup",
Iced Coffee
Ice, milk, ice cream & a dbl shot of coffee",
Iced Mocha
Ice, milk, ice cream, chocolate syrup & a dbl shot of coffee",


Iced coffee Frappe
ice cream, dbl shot of coffee, milk and ice blended
Iced choc Frappe
ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk and ice blended
Ice Crush(dairy Free)
Orange juice, banana, honey & ice blended
Vegan Frappe
coffee or chocolate w cocowhip, ice and your choice
of alternative milk

Cold Pressed Juices

Ruby Tuesday
watermelon, rhubarb, pink lady apple, pear & lime
Little Green
kale, pear, cucumber, ginger, & lemon
Endless Summer
lemon, pineapple & cayenne pepper
Blood Bank
apple, beetroot, cucumber, ginger & lime
Orange Sky
orange, pineapple, lemon & turmeric


Real mango, coconut milk, chia seeds and ice
Banana, cocowhip, cinnamon, honey & milk
add muesli $2, add chia & maca $1
Spinach, mint, matcha, mango & ice
The Nutty
Hazelnut spread, cocowhip, cacao nibs, honey, macadamia
milk & ice
Chai Me
Organic Chai, protein powder, strawberries, Cocowhip,
vanilla, almond milk & ice

Shake it Up

Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry
Junior $4Large $7

Soft Drinks

Lemon, lime & Bitters (house made)$5
Diet Coke$4.5
Ginger Beer$4.8


Boxed filter water$4
Coconut water$4
Sparkling water 1000ml$9.5

The Rest

The Classic Spider
Your choice of Coke, lemonade, ginger beer or
raspberry lemonade poured over ice cream
Cold Milo$4
Popper Juices
Apple, apple & black currant or orange

Coco Whip

Original Coconut or SuperfoodMini$4
Top withVeganola$2
Cacao nibs$1
(very berry, choc or caramel)


Beer on Tap

Tap Beers Schooners only (425ml)
Tap 1 – Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
Tap 2 – Special Guest
Tap 3 – Special Guest

Bottled Beer

XXXX Gold,QLD,6.5
Cascade light,TAS,6.5
Rodgers Little Creature mid,WA,8
Little Creatures pale ale,WA,9
Three Sheets pale ale,NSW,8
Wild GF Beer pale ale,nSW,8
Balter XPA,QLD,9
Mountain Goat organic
Steam ale",VIC,
Monteiths Golden Lager,NZ,9
Corona,Meh he co,7.5
Stone & Wood Green Coast lager,Byron Bay,9
Big Head no carb larger,NSW,9
Monteiths black ale,NZ,9


James Squire orchard crush$8
Fog City cloudy cider500ml$10
Rekorderlig wild berry & pear500ml$10
Lick Pier alcoholic ginger beer500ml$12
Root Beer (Sars flavour)$9


Petes Pure Prosecco (Euston)
Gls $8Btl $36
Smallfry Riesling (Eden Valley)Gls $8.5Btl $37
Queenie Pinot Grigio (Adelaide Hills)Gls $8.5Btl $37
Mahi Pinot Gris (Marlborough)Btl $45
Golden Goose Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)Gls $8.5Btl $37
Fat Bastard ChardonnayGls $8.5Btl $37
Petes Pure Fiano (Euston)Gls $8Btl $36
Petes Pure Moscato (Euston)Gls $8Btl $36
Arfion Rose (Yarra Valley)Gls $9Btl $45
Petes Pure Shiraz (Euston)Gls $8Btl $36
Cake Wines Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills)Gls $9Btl $45
Dominique Portet Cabernet SauvignonBtl $45
Vine Mind Shiraz Malbec (Clare Valley)Btl $45
La La Tempranillo (Murray Darling)Btl $45
Two Hand Gnarly Dudes Shiraz (Barossa Valley)Btl $58

Special Occasions

Moet & Chandon Champagne$85
Louis Roederer Remis Champagne$160


Cat Nip Espresso
Vodka, coffee liqueur and a shot of coffee shaken on ice
Pina Colada
Bacardi, coconut cream & pineapple juice
Mango Daiquiri
White rum, lime juice & mango
Kings Beach Mermaid
White rum, blue curacao, lemonade & cherry
Moscow Mule
Vodka, ginger beer, lime & mint
Long Island Ice Tea
Vodka, bacardi, tequila, gin, coke & lemon juice
Cats Cosmo
Vodka, cointreau, lime & cranberry juice
Lemonade Mimosa
Champagne, pink lemonade & fresh lemon
Nutella Martini
Cacao infused rum, choc liqueur & amaretto liqueur
Coconut Mojito
Bacardi, Malibu, cocowhip & lime juice blended
with ice and added mint

Shared Cocktails

Summer Sangria
1Ltr – (Select red or white) wine, brandy mixed with sugar,
orange, lemon, lime, soda water & strawberries
Kings Beach Bowl
Enjoy the Kings Beach Mermaid with your mates in a 2ltr
Bowl - White Rum, blue curacao, lemonade, Lemon Juice,
cherries & frogs (minimum 3 people per bowl)

After Dinner Drinks

Old Fashioned
Classic using Bookers bourbon, bitters, sugar & orange
The Grasshopper
A blend of vanilla ice cream, crème de cacao &
crème de menthe topped with ice cream and oreos
White Russian
Vodka & Coffee liqueur over ice, topped with milk
Liqueur Latte
Your favourite latte made with a shot of Kahlua,
Tia Maria, Frangelico or Baileys


Mango, ice cream, lime juice, milk & ice blended and topped with icecream
Chocolate, ice cream, milk & ice blended and topped with ice cream & chocolate

Coffee Cat has a full range of spirits please see the Bar